Definitive Technology A90 Unboxing

Citizens! So after a great, but not complete review of the Definitive Technology BP9000 series. I finally got my hands on the final piece to the weapon of this fight. The Dolby Atmos A90 attachment speakers. Let me tell you they are just as beautiful as the rest of the BP9000 series. I love the way they flawlessly integrate with the rest of the speaker. These speakers definitely add a sense of future to the rest of the speakers. Well that and Dolby Atmos is pretty epic if you haven’t heard it yet.

A quick rundown on what Dolby Atmos is. Dolby Atmos is the newest iteration of surround sound decoding from Dolby Digital, it adds an essential height dimension that many people miss in their home theaters. The best way to explain it, why do you go to the movies to watch a movie? The sound is unreal, correct? For me it is, I have a 4K television and it’s like being at the theater, but what I miss at home are those booms and cracks that can only be delivered in a theater. Well Dolby Atmos helps deliver that. By add height speakers in the center of the room it adds a whole new dimension of sound. Ever wonder what a TIE fighter screaming by you sounds like? Or the whoosh of a baseball being hit out the park sounds like? You can with Dolby Atmos. You can enhance your traditional 5.1 surround sound to 5.1.2 as well as your 7.1 surround sound can become 7.1.2. You have to hear it to believe it. Here’s some pictures of what a set-up would look like taken from

So now that is out of the way, we can continue with the unboxing! Eventually I will be setting up a youtube channel to do these unboxing at home for you to all see live, but with the blog just starting out, I want to provide you all with the best content I can right here. So here are the pictures from the unbxoing. IMG_2106IMG_2107IMG_2108IMG_2109IMG_2110IMG_2111

As you can see from the pictures these speakers look flawless and then the sound quality really gets going once you hook up the A90 Atmos attachments!

Hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I had unboxing. If you are looking into Dolby Atmos, let me know in the comments and we can talk about it! Also if you have Dolby Atmos and want to reccomend some movies for others that would be amazing. But for now as the post comes to a close I really enjoyed seeing the whole BP9000 series set-up in all of its glory. I still don’t have the rear channels, but that’s a different story. In this fight against bad home theaters and technology one can never be too careful. Hope you have a good week citizens.


What I’m watching in Dolby Atmos
– Pixels
– Unboken
– Deadpool
– Ender’s Game

Look out next week when I have my review for the new Samsung UN78KS9800 it’s samsung top of the line full-array 4K LED television that I have some choice words about.