Bowers & Wilkins Debuts Two New Headphones



I cannot contain my excitement any longer! As you may know by now I’m a huge fan of Bowers & Wilkins as I currently own P7 headphones and CM1 bookshelf speakers. Well they just announced not one, but two new headphones! They are newer versions of current headphones in their catalog of products. They are making the P7’s wireless and a P3 series 2.

First up, we’ll talk about the P7 wireless. As a current owner of the P7 headphones, this is something that I wished was available when I purchased my P7’s originally. As you may know I’m a big believer in wired is always better than wireless. But in the aspect of headphones, having the capability of wireless is almost a must these days. From what I’ve seen looks like the same exact design, just adding in the wireless features which include bluetooth and a battery. Unfortunately the battery is only 370 mAh, this is nowhere near the power of your phone which is around 6,000 mAh. So this should give you a few hours of listening, but I have a feeling you will still be able to connect with a wire. I can’t wait till I can get my hands on these guys to give them a review, as soon as that can happen I will include all of you. If they’re anything like the current model this masked audiophile will be extremely happy.

Next up, the P3 series 2, now I never have been a fan of on-ear headphones. I have always viewed over the ear headphones as the way to go. It looks to me that it’s the same overall headphone design minus the fact that they made it foldable. They can fold into each other and is capable of fitting into its own carrying case that will fit in a bag or purse, or maybe even a utility belt (hahaha). They also updated the material on the P3’s it used to be a sheepskin material now it’s a leather material so that should make it more comfortable. I look forward to getting my ears on these guys, so I can share with you all what they are like.

Well that about sums up this update, I will update this post as more information about the P7 wireless and P3 Series 2 becomes available. You stay safe citizens!

Leave a comment below on whether or not your excited for these new headphones. Also what are the headphones that you use?

Photos Courtest of Bowers & Wilkins via