To Receiver or not to receiver that is the question?

Hello Citizens! Once again I’m back to give you a review on some new product! This week’s review will be a 2-For-1! This week we have the Pioneer Elite VSX-LX101 and VSX-LX301. These are two new additions to the Pioneer Elite family and they are both 7.2 surround audio/video receivers. So this week’s looks like a tough battle for your Masked Audiophile, but it looks like I can handle this pair of new criminals in the city. 

First up is the set-up, I had both of the receivers hooked up to my iPhone with an Audioquest lightning cable. I tested these receivers on the Bowers & Wilkins M1, 683, CM1, and CM9. I like to test receivers on the Bowers & Wilkins brand because to me I know the speakers are accurate, so the receiver will have to work its magic in order to impress me. 

The set-up for both of these receivers was really easy. I did not set it up through the onboard menu, I have my speakers already set the way I need them in my room. So I don’t feel it necessary to go the GUI (graphic user interface). But if this is your first receiver or your setting up a new room I highly suggest you use it. 

So here’s the specs for both receivers
– 80 watts per channel @ 8 ohms
– Discrete direct energy amp design
– AirPlay
 GoogleCast and Tidal streaming (soon with firmware update) 
– Dolby Atmos 
– 4k 60p pass through 
– HDMI 6 in/1 out 

What’s different on the VSX-LX301
– 100 watts per channel @ 8 ohms
– HDMI 7 in (1 front)/1 out 

So not too much of a difference between the two models. The specs for both of these receivers just aren’t there compared to older models. To me, there is much difference in last year’s vsx-45 and vsx-70 models. In my eyes, looking at the specs I don’t see a reason to upgrade from last year to this year. On the other hand, the sound that came out was pretty standard from a Pioneer Elite. 

When testing the sound, the wattage was really only good for the M1s and CM1s. (These are satellite and bookshelf speakers) When it came to the tower speakers though, it was a different story. The towers peaked to easily which is not good if you like listening to loud music. I would only recommend using these receivers for stereo sound if you’re running tower speakers. I always recommend separate amps for towers and love using Bowers & Wilkins sister company Rotel, but it’s quite expensive. But using this receiver to run a 2.1, 3.1 or 5.1 M1 setup is actually great. I can also see this receiver being used with Definitive Technologies PC600/PC800 package. But back to reality, when it came to the tower speakers, there was a ton of sound left out compared to when I use my VSX-70 which is 3 years old or when I’m at work and use the Marantz SR7010. 

All in all, I believe as an entry-level receiver for a beginning audiophile are someone who just wants a simpler setup I would recommend these receivers. But if you are a true audiophile and have had home theaters and stereo systems before I suggest that you at least wait for this year’s SC-LX501. Which will be out later in the summer. With the 101 priced at $500 and the 301 priced at $700, there are plenty of other options out there. 

VSX-LX101 — 3 Masks out of 5
VSX-LX301 — 3.5 Masks out 5 

Hope this review helps you out in your fight against bad technology I know this caped crusader, threw these criminals into jail. 

What I’m listening to this week?
New Song   – Dark Necessities (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Old Song     – Madness (Muse)
Demo Song – Soulshine Vol. 1 (Govt. Mule

What I’m watching this week?
Movie          – Batman Vs. Superman
TV                – Huang’s World (Viceland)
Netflix         – Orange Is The New Black 


Definitive Technology A90 Unboxing

Citizens! So after a great, but not complete review of the Definitive Technology BP9000 series. I finally got my hands on the final piece to the weapon of this fight. The Dolby Atmos A90 attachment speakers. Let me tell you they are just as beautiful as the rest of the BP9000 series. I love the way they flawlessly integrate with the rest of the speaker. These speakers definitely add a sense of future to the rest of the speakers. Well that and Dolby Atmos is pretty epic if you haven’t heard it yet.

A quick rundown on what Dolby Atmos is. Dolby Atmos is the newest iteration of surround sound decoding from Dolby Digital, it adds an essential height dimension that many people miss in their home theaters. The best way to explain it, why do you go to the movies to watch a movie? The sound is unreal, correct? For me it is, I have a 4K television and it’s like being at the theater, but what I miss at home are those booms and cracks that can only be delivered in a theater. Well Dolby Atmos helps deliver that. By add height speakers in the center of the room it adds a whole new dimension of sound. Ever wonder what a TIE fighter screaming by you sounds like? Or the whoosh of a baseball being hit out the park sounds like? You can with Dolby Atmos. You can enhance your traditional 5.1 surround sound to 5.1.2 as well as your 7.1 surround sound can become 7.1.2. You have to hear it to believe it. Here’s some pictures of what a set-up would look like taken from

So now that is out of the way, we can continue with the unboxing! Eventually I will be setting up a youtube channel to do these unboxing at home for you to all see live, but with the blog just starting out, I want to provide you all with the best content I can right here. So here are the pictures from the unbxoing. IMG_2106IMG_2107IMG_2108IMG_2109IMG_2110IMG_2111

As you can see from the pictures these speakers look flawless and then the sound quality really gets going once you hook up the A90 Atmos attachments!

Hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I had unboxing. If you are looking into Dolby Atmos, let me know in the comments and we can talk about it! Also if you have Dolby Atmos and want to reccomend some movies for others that would be amazing. But for now as the post comes to a close I really enjoyed seeing the whole BP9000 series set-up in all of its glory. I still don’t have the rear channels, but that’s a different story. In this fight against bad home theaters and technology one can never be too careful. Hope you have a good week citizens.


What I’m watching in Dolby Atmos
– Pixels
– Unboken
– Deadpool
– Ender’s Game

Look out next week when I have my review for the new Samsung UN78KS9800 it’s samsung top of the line full-array 4K LED television that I have some choice words about.