Update 8/26

Citizens! Just a quick little update on why you haven’t seen me fully come back yet. There are some crazy moments in life and this month has been one of those. I’ve been gearing up for the holiday season at work and we lost some people, as some of you know that’s extremely hard. Also my phone decided to break and I don’t have a back-up camera to take pictures of products. Also there hasn’t really been much in product releases or announcements, since the announcement of the Sony z9D. Speaking of I should be getting my hands on of those bad boys extremely soon and will have a full review of it. I’m also working on getting a video review of the television as well.

In other things i’m working on. I might be adding some video game information, to make this an overall tech blog. Working with a friend whom has a twitch channel to bring you citizens of this great technology community more content. This will allow me to add more content to the blog when things are slower news and products wise, like now. As well as allow me to have more time to work on more projects and articles for your enjoyment. I look forward to sharing all of this information with you my citizens as it becomes available.

In things we have coming up;
– Frank Ocean’s New Album, will be reviewed
– Panasonic 4k blu-ray player, review and hopefully unboxing
– Captain America Civil War and The Jungle Book, blog posts
– My new phone should be here this week so I can finally take pictures and use my instagram @themaskedaudiophile
– Maybe a No Man’s Sky & Madden 17 review

Look Forward to talking to all my citizens very soon, if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or reach out to me on twitter @themattweinberg


Samsung’s New Flagship, Won’t Be Sailing into My Home

Citizens! I posted earlier in the week on my Instagram (@themaskedaudiophile) that I was working on a review for the new Samsung UN78KS9800. Well, the time has come to do said review. If you don’t know about this television yet, sit back and enjoy learning about it.

This year Samsung decided to try to knock out this masked home theater crusader, but alas I still believe they have some work to do especially in the price category. At first glance this television is a beauty. It’s big, it’s bright, and it’s vivid! It has all the things you want in a television for you home theater. It’s 78 inch curved screen is pretty amazing if you ask me. Now with that being said, the television is also a full array panel. Thus, making this television a top contender for best television on the market. A full array panel allows the colors and black levels to be on par with the OLEDs and old plasma televisions. A full array panel is LED backlighting that covers the entire panel on the television. It allows for a ton more control on the local dimming, contrast, and color. Samsung along with Sony, both have full array panels this year, not to be confused with Vizio whom has a few backlit televisions that aren’t full array. The colors pop on this television without a doubt and the blacks are super detailed. We can all thank the full array panel for that.

Horrible timing for this picture, but look at how big this television is! 

Being that the television is in the 9000 series of Samsung we do have the 10-bit panel and the super motion 240. The 10-bit panel will allow roughly 64 million shades of color that a traditional 8-bit panel. The super motion 240 on the other hand is really neat. It bridges the traditional black frame, between your a-frame and b-frame, with essentially a a.5-frame. It makes motion simulation really smooth. This television has no issue handling fast movements like sports (watched soccer) and action (watched star wars the force awakens) I went from regular antenna television all the way to watching 4k HDR discs on the Samsung 4K player. All in all, the television preformed extremely well and it looked absolutely spectacular. The only way I didn’t test it was for gaming.


The good! This television is absolutely stunning. If you’re looking for a television that will feel like a movie theater this is it. The color is off the charts on the television.

The bad! When it comes to the motion and the black levels on this television I found it to be lacking. The black levels are not as good as the OLED or the Sony 940D in my opinion. The motion is also not as smooth as the Sony 940D which I put through the same paces as the 9800. I do however believe the 65 inch version of the 9800 does have better motion than the 78 inch version.

The ugly (Oh and I mean UGLY)! The price point on this television is not justifiable. The 78 inch version is a cool $9,999.98 and the 65 inch version is a less but still modest amount of $4599.98. Now normally I would say hey great televisions at a great price and the 65 inch I would agree more since the OLED in 65 inch is about $6,000, but when Sony has a 75 inch full array panel that currently is on sale for $5,999.99 I cannot in good faith recommend the Samsung. I don’t see how the price is justified in this television, maybe we will see a price drop like we did with previous and other models in the line-up, but I don’t foresee it happening soon.

All-in-all I will give this television 3 masks out of 5. Due to the price point and the lack black levels not being on par with its tiered competitors in other brands. My opinion save $4,000 and purchase the XBR75X940D from Sony, it’s 3 inches smaller but it has amazing black levels and color!

Citizens! This week we talked about televisions and I hope you enjoyed it just as much as I enjoyed watching everything on such a big screen! So normally I would say what I listening to this week, but since this is a television review, here’s what I’m watching this week.
In theaters – Finding Dory (It’s incredible, potentially better than the original…)
On Blu-Ray – Zootopia
On Netflix – Janis: Little Girl Blue
On Television – Game of Thrones (I finally started watching it)

Look forward to some more posts on the Instagram account and a post either this weekend or next week on the Amazon Echo. Alexa is to me is like Tony Stark’s Jarvis, but much less sophisticated. They should make a Jarvis mode, maybe a special edition Iron Man Echo when Iron Man 4 comes out. I really should send that idea to someone.


Well, until next time citizens, be safe out there when sitting and enjoying your home theater.

Update 6/2/2016

Hello Citizens! It’s been a crazy week so far and only getting scarier out there. As per my day job I had a few trainings this week on some awesome new products that are hitting the shelves soon if not already. So I will be getting some reviews out sooner than later.

Reviews to look forward to

  • Definitive Technology BP9040 & CS9040
  • Something secret I can’t disclose yet!
  • Samsung UN78KS9800FXZA (I’m really excited to see this guy)
  • Pioneer Elite VLX101 & VLX301
  • 2016 LG OLED Line-up as soon as I can get them broken it
  • Maybe some special surprises 😉

Looking into also setting up a youtube channel to start doing unboxing and live reviews, I think that will add some extra security layers so evil home theaters will have less places to hide.


As for music, not to much going on new we got a new Radiohead album and a new Blake Shelton album. Looking forward to listening to them for you citizens.


As for what i’m listening to this week

  • Drake -Views (new music)
  • White Album – The Beatles (old music, but it’s one of my favorites)

As always i’m listening to my tracks on Tidal HiFi


Let me know what you guys think and if we need to be reviewing anything else, let me know what you want to hear! Find me on Facebook (facebook.com/themaskedaudiophile) and Instagram (@themaskedaudiophile)