Update 8/26

Citizens! Just a quick little update on why you haven’t seen me fully come back yet. There are some crazy moments in life and this month has been one of those. I’ve been gearing up for the holiday season at work and we lost some people, as some of you know that’s extremely hard. Also my phone decided to break and I don’t have a back-up camera to take pictures of products. Also there hasn’t really been much in product releases or announcements, since the announcement of the Sony z9D. Speaking of I should be getting my hands on of those bad boys extremely soon and will have a full review of it. I’m also working on getting a video review of the television as well.

In other things i’m working on. I might be adding some video game information, to make this an overall tech blog. Working with a friend whom has a twitch channel to bring you citizens of this great technology community more content. This will allow me to add more content to the blog when things are slower news and products wise, like now. As well as allow me to have more time to work on more projects and articles for your enjoyment. I look forward to sharing all of this information with you my citizens as it becomes available.

In things we have coming up;
– Frank Ocean’s New Album, will be reviewed
– Panasonic 4k blu-ray player, review and hopefully unboxing
– Captain America Civil War and The Jungle Book, blog posts
– My new phone should be here this week so I can finally take pictures and use my instagram @themaskedaudiophile
– Maybe a No Man’s Sky & Madden 17 review

Look Forward to talking to all my citizens very soon, if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or reach out to me on twitter @themattweinberg


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