BOSE finally comes into the wireless generation!

Citizens! You know that special surprise I was talking about in my post last week, I’m pleased to inform you all that I can finally talk about it. Although it’s something I don’t consider HiFi, it’s something that everyone enjoys! What I can finally talk about is new members to the BOSE family. Finally, BOSE has done what we’ve been asking for. Wireless noise cancelling headphones and wireless earbud! I was so excited when I found out I almost threw out my Jaybird X2’s (I know not HiFi, but I sweat a lot when I work out) and grabbed the closest pair, but they weren’t released until this past Sunday. Now that they are out I can let you know about them. First up the headphones.

The Bose QuietComfort series is well known by anyone who has ever looked at headphones and this latest iteration is not lacking anything. The new QC35’s offer wireless capabilities! This is something that fans of the brand and in fans in general have been asking for, for a long time now. The QC35’s offers a 20-hour long battery life and if you want to be wired that same battery will last 40 hours! 20 hours for a noise cancelling wireless headphone is quite the accomplishment. The QC35’s are also Bluetooth and NFC compatible, which is really cool for those that use NFC. From the experience I has wearing the new QC35’s they are just as comfortable as any other headphone BOSE makes. So whether you’re listening for an hour doing homework, or an 18-hour flight you won’t get fatigued wearing them. I was in a noisy showroom when I tried my pair and on it was pure silence, until I turned my music on. Then it was honestly like every other noise cancelling headphone, but more accurate and less bass (looking at you Beats) At a retail price of 349.95, with two color choices (Black and White) I can honestly say these are a home run! Let’s talk about the earbuds now.

Now this is something that everyone has been waiting for an even longer time. Wireless earbuds from BOSE so you can jam out while working out. The BOSE SoundSport lineup has always been a go to recommendation, but with this year’s wireless addition it’s hands down a go to. The downside to the earbuds are battery life (6 hours compared to others at 8-10) and non-noise cancelling, but maybe BOSE will surprise us and release those later in the year. The earbuds sound great just like every other earbud on in the price range. But with the capability of connecting to multiple devices at once these are a step ahead of the competitors. The good news is that these earbuds are at a great price. Retail cost is 149.95, comparing to some equal competitors at 179.99 or 199.99. The new SoundSports come in two colors black and blue. Along with the new earbuds BOSE is releasing a charging case for the new SoundSports, the case will give another 3 full charges to the earbuds, so you’re looking at 18 hours in full, if you add the case which will be 49.95. These seem and sound like a great buy from BOSE.


For now, I think I’ll stick with my Bowers & Wilkins P7s which are not noise cancelling, but to me still sound better than the BOSE. But I will probably be swapping out my Jaybirds for the new SoundSports. Overall these are going to be a great addition to anyone’s collection especially at the price point that they are released at. As for adding them into the fight for better technology it’s a great move by BOSE, but you won’t see this crime fighter using them when there are so many other options on the market.


QuietComfort 35’s – 3 Masks out of 5

SoundSport Wireless – 3 Masks out of 5

If you want a pair head over to and take a look for yourself, but I suggest going to a local retailer like a BOSE store or Best Buy to try them out.

What I’m listening to now

  • Drake Vs. Childish Gambino playlist by Apple Music.
  • Jon Bellion – The Human Collection

Thanks to BOSE for the pictures!


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