Is Definitive Technology’s new BP9000 series a definitive choice for your home theater?

Citizens! I was waiting until I got the whole lineup for this new addition to the Definitive Technology family. But it’s taking too long for my rear channel speakers or the SR9080 & SR9040’s to come in. This makes me sad, but nothing a good review can’t help. So here we go!

If you don’t know anything about Definitive Technology I suggest going on to and checking them out! Really cool and interesting technology they use in their speakers, but as a little time saver here’s a a rundown. Definitive Technology was founded in 1990 and since then has taken the industry by storm, winning hundreds of accolades for their bipolar speakers. What’s a bipolar speaker you may ask? Essentially instead of having just one front facing speaker they have a back facing speaker inside the cabinet as well. Thus creating a unique listening experience. This allows the speaker to fill the room that much more with sound since it’s not coming only from one place, but from all around you. Well now that we got that out of the way let’s talk about the new line up.

The BP9000 series is absolutely stunning to look at, Definitive Technology really outdid themselves on the design this time around. From the base that looks like something out of a Star Wars movie to the brushed aluminum tops and bezel. These speakers scream futuristic. bp9000

After listening to these speakers for a few weeks, all I can say is looks can be deceiving but not for this case. These speakers blew away all thoughts I had about Definitive Technology. So here’s the setup for music that I was using BP9040 and a Pioneer SC-91, I was also using my phone to stream tidal HiFi. Generally the first track that I play on speakers to hear the clarity is Johnny Cash’s version of Hurt. From the first breath you could hear the major improvements in the BP9000 compared to the BP8000 series. From the lows to the highs it was all clear and concise. The added benefit of these speakers are the built in subwoofers. So there was no need to add extra bass to this. After Hurt, I generally completely switch gears and go to Beyonce’s Partition to really open up these woofers and bass drivers to see what they can do. Just as I suspected, the bass is kicking like no other speakers can. It’s a true wonder on how Definitive Techchnology can get this much bass in such a small cabinet. After that it was just basically my playlists of songs, everything from Iron Maiden to Tony Bennet was played. (I will have to share my playlist in a future post) After listening to track after track I really got a feel for these speakers and I really enjoyed them.

Overall I’m going to give this series a 4 masks out of 5. Only reason it’s not a perfect 5 is that where the speaker can handle the lows and bass extremely well sometimes the highs end up getting lost amongst the bass. I would recommend  this speaker series to someone who is just getting into the home theater space and wants an amazing speaker but doesn’t want to spend the money on full 5.1 system. This series will get the job done with just two speakers and a center channel. By the way, I know I skipped over the center channels, but a quick run down is that they’re great, they are clear and accurate for voice which is exactly what you want. But with the built in woofer it’s bass heavy. This series will be a great addition to anyone home theater audiophile or not.

As for pricing, the BP9000 series follows suit to the BP8000 series.

  • BP9080X – $1,749/each (available late summer)
  • BP9060 – $1,099/each
  • BP9040 – $899/each
  • BP9020 – $649/each
  • A90 Module – $499/pair
    • This is a Dolby atmos module that will add great height to any movie that your watching, unfortunately at this time, I have not received these guys so I cannot make an opinion on them, hopefully soon.
  • CS9080 – $999/each (available late summer)
  • CS9060 – $699/each
  • CS9040 – $499/each
  • SR9080 – $349/each (available late summer)
  • SR9040 – $249/each

As you can see the pricing for this series is not terrible at all! Please take the time and go find a dealer for these speakers and give them a listen yourself. Leave in the comments what your thought on these speakers are.

So citizens as our latest battle is coming to a head I think that these Definitive Technology BP9000’s will make a good addition to our arsenal of weapons against bad sound. Be safe out there!

What I’m listening to this week

New Songs – Acquainted (The Weekend) and of course Panda (Desiigner)

Old Sound – Country Heroes (Hank Williams III)


Thanks To Definitive Technology for the picture!


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