A Sailor vs Bad Country Music

Hello citizens, today we bring you a new villain to defeat. That villain is bad country music. Some people scoff at the genre due to thinking it’s all about losing a girlfriend or drinking beer. But there’s a whole side of country music that people may not know and that’s artist that care. Meet Sturgill Simpson, a class act in the world of music as a whole. I stumbled upon Sturgill when listening to the Joe Rogan podcast and I needed to hear his music right away. There’s a unique sound to his voice that I just cannot get enough of. The way he writes his music is like some of the greats, very meticulously and thought out. You can tell that he cares about the quality in his music and sound that people are hearing. With inspirations from Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Goin On” album you get that same one track feel to this album.

The album starts off with “Welcome to Earth (Pollywog)” which at first your just waiting for it to being and you can hear the raw emotion that Sturgill has in his voice speaking to his newborn son. Then the instruments pick up and you have a fast paced country jam with jazz instruments in the background and it transports you to a music realm where you thought didn’t exist before. Right then you realize that this album is going to be something special.

My favorite track on this album is Sturgill’s cover of Nirvana’s “In Bloom” it adds a much needed breath of fresh air to a song that is one of the greatest. I have no begun using this song to test speakers. It’s the same song you’ve known and loved for 25 years! It lets you wonder where this style of country music has been your whole life. It leaves you wanting more, I usually have to repeat it two-three times before moving to the next track.

Other songs I can’t get out of my playlist are “Keep It Between The Lines” and “All Around You” these songs just like the others on this album just show you how good Sturgill’s voice is. It takes you too a place emotionally that today’s music does not take you. I highly suggest listening to this album in one sitting as it was intended to be.

The album finished off with “Call To Arms” which is the final blast of skill from Sturgill and it’s a mixture of traditional country tang and some kicked up Hank Williams country, with extremely good vocals and jazz instrumentals.

The album is called “A Sailor’s Guide to Earth” and it’s been available for a few months. I would go, buy, stream, download, or however you listen to your music this album immediately. When the masked audiophile asked his sailor buddy to help save his citizen’s the sailor definitely obliged and left this guide as an olive branch between the city and the sea. Until next time citizens be on the lookout for music crimes, and please leave your thoughts on the album in the comments below.


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